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LogoThe meaning of公司LogoBased on the ancient copper coin graphics, the outer circle and the inner square indicate that we will always provide professional, standardized, rigorous and serious services for customers and the public with a full and friendly attitude。From this extension is the hand of cooperation, representing our commitment to win-win faith。Red symbolizes our passion and sincerity。

Business philosophyPromote the innovative development of enterprises, encourage the personal growth of employees, strengthen the mutual benefit of partners, and promote the continuous progress of society

愿景To become a professional and trusted diversified investment management group。

使命With professional, standardized, refined and high-quality service standards, taking improving transaction efficiency and optimizing financial asset allocation as its own responsibility, through continuous innovation in trading varieties and trading modes, the company builds a convenient and safe business information service platform and operating environment for non-standard asset trading among small and medium-sized financial institutions。Promote client trading, work closely with institutional clients such as governments and government enterprises, financial institutions, investment funds and inclusive financial platforms, and provide financing, investment lending and other institutional brokerage services to them, and establish an influential non-standard asset trading service platform。

Core valuesProfessional enterprising, realistic innovation, people-oriented, win-win cooperation, create wealth